Thursday, April 24, 2003

Day 2 at Turramurra working.
Career-related email newsletter system.

It's tough getting up at a reasonable hour when you're not used to it. In the end, I feel better knowing that I'm not wasting the day. However, I was inside most of the day, so you might consider that a "waste". Depends on your perspective, really.

Finally stopped in at the little bakery on Devonshire St. (the main street that I use to walk from Central Station to my place). Half-priced baked goods are something I cannot pass up. Such a cute, tiny bakery that I've walked past so many times, staring longingly at the sweets in the window... and now I know that they have delightful little doughnuts at half price at 5pm. Maybe it's just because it's Anzac Day tomorrow.

Yes, Canada, we get YET ANOTHER holiday!

Good Friday was a holiday. Easter Monday was a holiday (hence, why it was so busy at the Easter Show). And now, Friday is another holiday.

Doesn't mean much to me, of course, aside from it being more busy on the sidewalks and in line-ups (queues) and that my housemates will be around. It will also mean that the banks and most shops are closed, which is sad.

Had a WONDERFUL night at the Opera House Studio last night. An absolutely brilliant performance by the Chunky Move dance troupe. "WANTED: ballet for a contemporary democracy". Brilliant.

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