Monday, April 28, 2003

I have a bank account!
It's at the National Australia Bank. It took me a while to decide on a bank. They're all a rip-off, actually.

Unlike PC Financial!
<sales pitch> I miss my PC Financial account. Although, anytime I want I can log in to my online banking and get a balance, transfer funds, pay a bill... all for FREE! If I had 1-888-access from Australia, I'd be able to do it all by phone, as well. And it costs me NOTHING. Plus, they GIVE me free groceries. I mean, how good can it get? </sales pitch>

At National, and all other banks, really, you pay each time you request a balance, even on the phone or online! I get free deposits, ONLY. A withdrawal, even at their own ATMs, costs money. If you make a withdrawal in a branch, it costs even MORE. It's robbery. I get $6 worth of transactions a month. That means about 10 withdrawals or, if I do a balance enquiry or a money transfer or even ask a question, then I have less than 10.

But there are really no better options. Certainly nothing like PC Financial.
Woolworths has partnered with the Commonwealth Bank to offer an account. But how many Woolworths are there in New Zealand, or in outback Australia? And it's really not even close to the amazing deal that PC Financial offers.


I say that PC Financial needs to teach Woolworths a thing or two.
Maybe they need to come and TAKE OVER.

If they need a salesperson I'm their ready-and-willing servant. As always.

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