Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Is it already Tuesday??

Heard the disturbing news from the company I used to work with. A whole slew of layoffs (I hope they email me so I can see how they're doing). They didn't lay off the people who actually would LIKE to get laid off. I won't mention any names here, as I don't want to get anyone in trouble ;) I'm glad I'm here instead of there.


Woke up at a reasonable time, so I was able to go for a huge long walk from my place in Surry Hills to Bondi Junction. Through Centennial Park. Beautiful. Huge. There aren't any parks that big in Toronto, I don't think. Well, if there are, I haven't been to them. It took me over 2 hours to get to Bondi Junction. However, I did take a bit of a detour... alright, I got a bit lost. But the upshot is that I found a great discount lingerie store while I was lost in Kensington.

So that's another area of the city crossed off my to-see list.

Femke and I are also going to buy tickets to see a show at the Opera House.

Didn't make it to the travel agent today. Did manage to get I think two small web-related jobs.

The temp agent I saw today suggested printing off my resume and PHOTO (!?) and going around to all the nice cafes in the area, dropping off resumes.

I might have discovered the secret to proper hair, here. Lots of cheap gel. It refuses to behave with my normal products. So I bought super cheap gel and it seems to work out OK. Well, at least I've avoided a "Bad Hair Day" (tm). Have I told you how expensive drug store products are?! The cheapest gel I could find was $1.50. But goodness, shampoo is always $15-20. Hair colour is the same! So I guess I won't be colouring my hair... don't know. Maybe this is because everyone is always at the hairdressers. I wouldn't be surprised; there is I think the highest per capita number of hair salons I've ever seen in any city.

Went to the gym last night. To the abs class. I was not excited about the class; I think I was spoiled by Bally's, but I met a really nice girl from Montana while waiting. Tonight I'm going to the gym again to either Body Pump or Yoga. We'll see how this gym thing works out for me. It's great for my mood. And my back has been complaining loudly about my lack of proper exercise. It's already thanking me for going last night.

All for now.
Love to Judy, Shawn and Ken!

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