Wednesday, April 26, 2006

You know, I've been loving reading lately. I can't get enough of it.

I finished one book, "Love Monkey," on the weekend. A total chick-lit-type book but written from they guy's point of view. With an abrupt un-ending. Great mindless reading, though, that made me laugh (he has a conversation with his penis at one point and explains how, to a guy, women are like food: pizza is great and you're very happy to have it, but sometimes you just want steak, and you'll even settle for just food because at least then you won't go hungry).

Now I've just started a book about adventuring rodents. I hope that this one is bound for disney, because it's totally cute.

Previously, I read a sci-fi book called "The Shadows of Ombria" which was promising, but the ending didn't hold up for me.

I've also been watching more movies since I discovered the library. Last Friday I picked up "Gods and Monsters" and "Gosford Park" (I stopped at the "G"s).

"Gods and Monsters" was quite good, although it was odd to see Gandalf playing a gay man. He was really good, and I think he's gay in real life. The highlight, however, was Brendan Fraser's fine specimen of a body. The guy totally worked out for that role. Honestly, he looked much like a beautiful statue. It was quite awe-inspiring.

I didn't get around to "Gosford Park" until last night. I'm glad that I waited. That movie requires a lot of attention. There are a lot of characters to know and it gets confusing at times, especially when you can't really make out what they're saying. I think it may warrant another viewing, now that I've got all the names straight and at least part of the story under control. There's so much going on, it's multi-layered story. But worth it.

And aside from books and movies? Well, I'm still a web nerd and have been fooling around with a "wiki" for my trip to Halifax. It's a website that you create that other people can edit.

So go ahead. Go to the site, read about my plans. Make comments, make suggestions, add links. If you can think of something I should do in Halifax (or Nova Scotia in general) just edit the page and add it in.

It's the best way to be collaborative - it's like a website that everyone can share. I figured that since I'm planning this with Raye it kind of made sense to use this technology.

It's my first one. We'll see how it goes. Comments appreciated.

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