Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am the queen of cheap entertainment.

Jaap is ending his year-long trip and he's running out of money. Actually, he's saving it for the big-bang 30-day jaunt across the States. Regardless, he doesn't want to be spending lots of money.

Me? Just bought a house and put down a sizeable deposit. I'm not really used to having to worry a lot about my bank balance. I've been saving for a house, so I've had a solid amount of cash in reserve for the past while. Not anymore!

So, cheap Cathy brought Jaap over to a friend's for dinner and dog-walking one night. Another night, she traipses him over to the Chapters to read magazines and then buys a carton of ice cream at Dominion to enjoy in the atmosphere of her own apartment. Finally, she decides to have Canadian movie night at home.

Problem is, movie stores don't carry VHS anymore. No, I don't have a DVD player (except on my computer). So then the chick at Blockbuster told me that I should check the Public Library.

Holy crap. I forgot about the library.

So I take out my ancient library card and scour their excellent website, looking for the sought-after tapes.

And guess what? FREE MOVIES! I love the library! I can't believe I forgot about it.

Of course I had to go get a new card, but that was laughably easy. And they were so pleasant and helpful.

I came home with Men With Brooms and The Hanging Garden. For free.

We only watched Hotty-Pretending-He-Can-Curl-But-YES-Please! The Hanging Garden can wait. It's not exactly a cheerful movie.

I wanted to also pick up Last Night, but of course the Mount Pleasant location (the only location with a copy within reasonable distance) closed at 6pm and I wouldn't get there in time. Poop. And it's closed on Sunday too.

Oh well. One can't complain about free.

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Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a book on swimming at chapters & then, amazingly, you come up with the better cheaper answer: the library : yeah !! I DO have a card. thanks for the reminder. I never knew they had videos that were not public education types.
Congrats again on the house! I can not believe you are a home owner..