Monday, April 10, 2006

Jaap packs his bags

Jaap packs his bags
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So the sad day came when Jaap had to leave Toronto.

After work, I met him at Cha Liu, an all-day dim sum shop near my aparment at Yonge and Eglinton. I finally introduced him to dim sum.

He said something that surprised me: he said he was sad to leave. He said he wasn't ready to leave yet.

When you're travelling and you stay in one place for a long time, you often can feel it when it's time to leave. You're ready to move on.

That's what happened with my when I left Sydney. I was done with it. Not so when I left Melbourne, however. So I guess I know how Jaap feels.

I thought that he didn't really like Toronto, but I guess I was wrong.

Although it's not the most beautiful city, he liked it because there were nice people here. And I'm not just flattering myself - he said it and I think he was talking about all of the people he met here.

It's quite something to know people in a city when you're a traveller. It makes it almost feel like home.

I hope that I was a good enough hostess that he will always have good memories of this city that I love. I hope I did it justice.

I hope he comes back to visit.

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Unknown said...

Jaap is now on his bus to Buffalo. At midnight, he'll catch the first train of his 30-day trip across the States.

Tomorrow he'll be in Chicago, where it's supposed to be way better weather than here.