Sunday, April 30, 2006

Calgary ski trip photos - Sunshine

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I finally got all of my ski trip photos up on Flickr.

The trip was Feb 25-Mar 5th this year and we got an awesome price on the flight to Calgary.

Jen, as usual, got us some great deals on things like hotels and coffee and lift tickets. So, all in all, the trip was pretty cheap.

We went to Fernie for the first time, but it was a total wash out - or should I say rain-out. It rained the entire time we were there. So all of my Fernie photos are indoors.

Kicking Horse kicked ass this year, although since it was only our second time out this year, it took me and mom couldn't take to much advantage of it. We did manage to get lost a little, though, when we attempted our first blue run at the end of the first day. That was pretty exciting.

Lake Louise was beautiful, although a little icy. The trails were well groomed and well marked, so it was easier for me and mom.

And Sunshine is always fun. Even when it's busy, it's not too bad. I graduated to doing jumps (vips and vaps) with Matt and Jen, shrieking every time.

To see all of the photos, you can click here.
And browse backwards. You'll go through the trip backwards this way.

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