Monday, April 10, 2006

Waterfall, Kaikura, NZ

Waterfall, Kaikura, NZ
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During Jaap's "Last Supper" a few hours ago, I remembered my rafting trip with him in New Zealand.

I only reflected on it again because he's having some problems getting photos from an old travel-mate of his. I suddenly realized that I'd never really posted my rafting photos from the Kaikura in Rotorua. In fact, I totally called it when I posted them on Ofoto that it would take me at least a year to get them up on my site.

Well, it's been two. And they're not on my site, they're on Flikr.

They're low-res, so even those on lite-speed internet access will have no problem viewing them.

At least now I can post some damn photos in my New Zealand travel section.

PS: thanks to Jaap for inspiring me to do this update.

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Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT!! totally reminds me of when Jen tried to kill us on the Kicking horse river in BC. Gives a new meaning to life . too bad that "new view" feeling doesn't last or we would all be such nice people