Saturday, April 15, 2006

Home for Easter. The first long weekend of the summer (even though it's not summer yet).

I love having a place to hang out on long weekends. My parents' house is so quiet and relaxed. It's a real vacation from the city.

This weekend is especially great because Matt and Kendra and Will are all home as well.

So we all get to hang out, talk, watch Star Trek: TNG episodes, sew (OK, that's mostly just my mom), eat, cut down trees, go for walks, and I'm working on my taxes a little so that I can get some help from my dad. We visited my aunt and uncles, whom I don't get to see all that much. As usual, it was loud and animated and way too much food, but good times.

Now I should get back to my taxes or go pick out some material for my next quilt, or else get to that MoneySense magazine that I've been trying to get through before I leave tomorrow.

The hardest part about long weekends is that they're always over too soon.

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