Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm quite fascinated by the things I find on the internet. I go on these long journeys... so long that I often can't remember how I got to my destination, nor is my destination probably what I intended.

Tonight, I discovered that Technorati is crap. I mean, *I* find it unhelpful. It's supposed to be an "authority on what's going on in the world of blogs." It's a search engine of blogs.

OK, great. But you know what? OTHER search engines search blogs as well as all the other informatin on the web. And who REALLY cares whether the information you want is actually in what someone considers a "blog" or whether it's in a plain old-fashioned website?

I'll tell you what: *I* don't care.

It seems to be a bit of a make-work project capitalizing on the popularization of a term. (I do admit that the company I work for is also trying to capitalize on the term "blog" because it's hip and happening and our company is so on the cutting edge. We'll see if their so-called blog ever ends up publishing something.)

I digress. (This is much how my journeys go.)

Anyway, while trying to find something useful and different about Technorati and slowly realizing that it's much like when I found out that a "podcast" was just an audio file, I found something ELSE that was interesting.

The daily dose of imagery.

It's this guy who lives in Toronto and posts a photo every day. Most days the photo is of Toronto (downtown, mostly) but sometimes he posts great shots he took in England or of some random cool thing that happened into his day. The guy takes some gorgeous photos. And the navigation of his site is sweet simple.

I tried to figure out how to add this blog to my favourites and couldn't seem to do it. In trying however, I found another distraction...

... This site listed a top-10 list of blog faves. And he mentioned that this was his participation in a meme. So I now confess openly to all readers that I didn't know what a meme was.

So, I of course had to look it up so that I could stop being blog-retarded.

What did I find? What is a meme?

I found that the daily meme is an unending supply of blog fodder. It's a set of questions to post and it's usually a viral thing: one person posts and another person reads and posts a variation on their blog, and so on and so on...

Big whop. The memes are a little boring, if you ask me.
But now I know and can stop feeling dumb when a know-it-all talks smugly about how they participate in memes.

Now I can say, "Wow, you post questions on your blog. You're really hip all right. I guess you have trouble thinking of something to write all on your own."

And then of course that person will hate me, but I can't handle people thowing around their cool terminology and thinking they're so "web 2.0". (I should mention that I'm also starting to hate the term "web 2.0".)

What kind of a WebGoddess am I if I can't love the lingo and KNOW these new technologies and tools and customs and cultural/social Web fads?

You know, maybe that's the problem: I don't like fads very much.

Don't get me wrong: I appreciate a cool new idea. I like really good tools that help me do something. Flickr. Blogger or Wordpress (which is what I've been fooling around with at work and it's awesome).

But I really can't seem to find a soft spot in my heart for the haute code-ture applications that rely on hype and techno-speak to remain clique-cool.

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