Sunday, April 09, 2006

9pm Sunday night.
Dinner: cookies 'n' cream ice cream.

Today's itinerary:
- Wake up with migraine, read my Wish magazine in bed.
- Make coffee.
- Finish reading magazine, this time on the couch (Jaap is awake).
- Eat yummy homemade granola.
- Make yummy smoothies.
- Check email.
- Shower.
- Dishes.
- Walk from current apartment to new house. Probably 2 hours of walking.
- Drop Jaap at subway station.
- Proceed to Europa bakery on the Danforth to eat custard tarts and horrible decaf coffee.
- Call everyone I've been meaning to call.
- Check out prices in my "new" neighbourhood IGA. Conclusion: expensive.
- Take subway home.
- Pick up groceries instead at Dominion (also expensive).
- Stop in at Chapters to read a kitchen book.
- Learn about countertop and sink pros/cons.
- Walk home.
- Talk to boyfriend about IKEA outing.
- Turn on Simon and Garfunkel. Sing.
- Eat cookies 'n' cream ice cream while blogging. And singing.
- Revel in the quiet.
- Psych myself for cleaning the bathroom.

I do love Sundays.

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