Thursday, March 01, 2007

Grilled Cheese Magic

Felt like crap today at work. Tired, achy, miserable.

Didn't go home though. I stayed since I had a counselling appointment after work anyway. And then it started to SNOW. Like crazy. Like it knew how many months we'd been without it and was trying to make up for it.

So I got on the subway and up to Eglinton and waited for the bus to take me across to my doctor's office.

And waited. And waited.
I had been early, but I waited over 20 minutes at rush hour for any eastbound bus to arrive at the station. NOTHING.

Fine. Walk to my doctor's office and actually get there late, but before any eastbound bus passes me.

Had a very difficult counselling appointment. In case you didn't know (and you probably do, so no smart ass remarks) I like to play the victim and I do it all the time. Even when I'm looking for it, I apparently am still doing it an not noticing.


Anyway, jump back on a westbound bus. SO lucky I caught one pretty much right away. Got to the station. Waited for over an HOUR for my bus to come. I kept waiting, thinking it was going to come any minute now and it would probably come as soon as I left to try another route. And the bus is the way to get me closest to my door without having to walk through a lot of bad weather.

In my dress that I freakishly decided to wear today.

I finally gave up. Clearly the bus was not coming for us.

I went into the subway and got to the platform just as a southbound train was leaving the station. Awesome.

Wait. Read my book. Wait.

Train arrives. And train continues south without stopping at all. Grr.

Wait. Read my book. Wait. Toes are at least unthawing. I'm sort of able to feel them again. This is good - better than waiting for the bus. Except that now I'm sure that the bus has come and gone while I've been down here waiting.

Finally, train arrives, I get on, I transfer, get out at my station. I walk through the knee-deep snow and stupid wind with pellets of snow whipping my cheeks. Get home to see my walkway piled high with more snow.

Of course.

I climb the mountain to my deck and open the door, welcoming the rush of warm air. And realize that all of the lights have been on all day, lighting the way for the dust mites.

I change my clothes, adding layers upon layers and slippers.
I start making myself food, as I am hungry after trying to get home for the past 2+ hours. Realize that I'd like some pleasant noise in the background.

Can't coax the TV to make a sound. There's picture, and if I were a lip reader, I'd be golden. But silence.

OK. Fine. Be that way.
But I WILL be hopping mad and you will TAKE it!

I manage to get the grilled cheese into the sandwich maker that we never use. And it finally clicks off to tell me it's ready. I take it out. I bite in.

Grilled cheese magic.

The night is saved.

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