Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Worst london fog

Worst London Fog of all time.

Not enough vanilla.
Ruins it every time.

I even told her there wasn't enough vanilla in it and she SAID she added some. I felt I couldn't complain twice or she might spit in it, so I just said "yes" when she asked if it was better. She's probably laughing at the stupid customer who imagined her drink tasted better after she put it in a new cup.

$3.18 down the drain. What a rip.

This, after having the best London Fog Of ALL Time on Sunday (creamy, sweet and spicy). What a disappointment. Different Starbucks, different drink.


Raye said...

So true! I have actually become one of those overly-directive order-makers just to ensure that I get the drink tasting the way it should everytime.

Unknown said...

Mine is supposed to be so ordinary: Venti London Fog, please.

The end.

Stop with the different! Just put enough vanilla in it, like the others do! I don't want to be a pain in the ass snotty orderer!