Friday, March 02, 2007

Me at Nathan Phillips Square

Tonight I went skating at Nathan Phillips Square with my mom. It was totally awesome fun. I don't know why I don't go more often. I suppose it's cause it's really only fun when you're with someone else.

Hence why I think the last time I went skating at Nathan Phillips was around this time last year with Sarah and Jaap.

It's great because it's essentially free (assuming you have skates) and it's exercise and one of the few things you can do outside in the winter and LIKE.

We skated for over an hour before our hunger got the better of us and we toddled off to our favourite thai restaurant, Salad King, for yummy islamic noodles. Mm!

And managed to get in some second-hand book and video shopping (or browsing in my case). I just LOVE second-hand bookstores. I could spend forever in them. Problem is, I have books, but not enough time to read them all. Well, I don't have enough GOOD books. I keep thinking if I don't keep GOOD books around, then I'll break down and read the boring books that I think I SHOULD read. It's not really working out well, to be honest.

But I still like to look at what's out there that I can get for a good deal. If you know anything about me, you know that I hate paying full price for anything. It's a congenital condition.

As is my desire to exercise and DO. I talked about that tonight with my mom -- about how I'm most happy when I'm busy being productive or active or both.

And tonight? I was both. And that equals happy.

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