Friday, March 02, 2007

stock market

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I don't know if I'm right for this stock market stuff.

I mean, it's kind of exciting. And I feel pretty cool that I'm doing it, even thought I don't do the research part of it.

I just read MoneySense and do the "couch potato". I'm quite happy with the choices that I made with my RRSP money.

But then I checked today and, what with the stock market downturn, I've already lost a couple hundred dollars! Depressing. Good thing the government doesn't look at what a good investor (or not) you are when they're determining your tax deductions.

I must remember that these funds are in there for the long term. And a little blip right now really won't matter when I'm taking them out for my retirement.

I think I should just ban myself from looking at it until next year.

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