Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wait lines can suck my @&$!

I had one of my best experiences I've ever had with the Ontario health system yesterday.

So, apparently I'm getting old and when I hurt my shoulder in some mysterious way about 2 months ago, skiing (NO, I didn't wipe out!), it didn't just "get better" like my body used to do.

Anyway, I finally broke down and asked my doctor to take a look at it. He gave me a quick assessment and wrote a requisition to get an xray and ultrasound.

I groaned inwardly because the last time I did that (I think it was when I broke both my wrists during ultimate frisbee, and NO, I am NOT accident prone!) I waited forever.

This time I was prepared. I made my appointment and asked how long it would probably take. I added onto their estimate and told everyone at work I'd be at least 2 hours. I brought sizeable reading material with me. Hey, I had to edit anyway, so I figured that I could do it the old-fashioned way: on paper.

And then what happened?
I walked there, gave them my requisition form and health card, sat down for about maybe 5 minutes (possibly less) and was called in before I got to the second paragraph of my reading material.

That's fine. I thought I'd just get into the horrible hospital gown and then get into it.

But no sooner had I slipped into the hot little number than the ultrasound guy was poking around for me. Then, turn your arm this way, hold your hand here, and, bam, I was done.

He walked me to the xray guy.
I sat down while the xray guy looked at the form and two seconds later: "Follow me."

I did. I stood here, there, this way, that way, held my breath when he told me to.

And done.

That was it. I was back at work in a half hour! Without my editing done, but with time left over to visit Starbucks.

What could be better?

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