Thursday, March 22, 2007

Blog til you drop

It has been a day of blogging, blogging, blogging (professionally speaking).

I knew that I was training for something when I start up It was for this job.

I remember back in Journalism school when I decided that journalism wasn't for me. I hated journalism. I thought I hated writing. I was JAY-ded.

And then I found this. This writing without being a journalist thing.
And I fell in love. In love with writing. Again.

And I just did it. For fun. OK, sometimes it was forced, but mostly it was fun. And I decided that I wanted to get back into this somehow.

And now here I am. Blogging and editing a blog about innovation for a living (among other web-related festivities and the occasional boring political/administrative stuff).

Can you imagine?
Think about when you were a kid thinking about what you wanted to do when you grew up. Think about what you're doing now and how you feel about it. Now imagine that you actually managed to DO that childhood dream. And that the dream was actually as good as what you'd imagined (except for the fan-adoration and never-ending ice cream of course).

That's a charmed life, for sure.

OK, yes, I'm hopped up on a London Fog right now and it's giving me an extra edge of bliss. Yes, there are cookies in my immediate future to look forward to. And yes, I'm about to take off on a skiing vacation in the Rockies.

But I still think this moment is really this good.

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