Monday, March 05, 2007


Goodness, do I ever had a list of to-do's.

  • buy fix-up stuff for the bathtub
  • call insurance company
  • call for physiotheraphy appointment
  • do yoga (getting my back in shape for my ski trip)
  • put out garbage
  • do mountain of dishes
  • put away laundry
  • find birth certificate for passport renewal
  • check investments
  • call for IKEA kitchen designer
  • finish my counselling reading
  • launder all sheets
  • defrag my computer
  • tidy basement
  • paint below thermostat (that's why you never paint AROUND thermostats!)
  • eat, sleep, etc
  • manage through this busy time at work

... and still manage to make sure that I remember all of everyone else's to-do's as well.

Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming.

BUT, I'm very excited that my friend is coming to visit me and much of this stuff is to make sure the one time she sees my house, it's perfect... or as perfect as it can be without a major renovation, anyway.


Sara Desjardins said...

Yes - get on that birth certificate stuff in case we go away!

I'm very excited you're going to look into the Ikea Kitchen people - I forgot we even talked about that!!

Unknown said...

I'm excited about vacation!