Wednesday, February 28, 2007

OK, so I'm a nerd.

I kind of like doing bills. And taxes. OK, well, not so much LIKE it as wanna know what I'm getting back as soon as possible.

Sample email thread with me and SP:

SP: I was just handed my T4. Now I want to go home to do my taxes. Seriously, I really really really want to. Am I ridiculous? I am aren't I?

Me: I totally understand it. I'm curious to know as well and figure out if I need to add more to my RRSPs to get a return or just not have to pay. It's OK - it's just called "financially responsible" -- I can think of a lot worse things to want to do... Although most of them are not quite so nerdy.

SP: I enjoy being nerdy

ME (next day): By the way, I got mine today too. I got VERY excited and thought of you. ;)

SP: I totally did my taxes last night. It was so fun.

ME: Did you win at taxes?

SP: A small win. And then I added to my rrsp that win amount from my buffer
three months savings account to win more.

ME: You are a smart, financially responsible woman! YAY!

And then I came home and did my bills and taxes. And made tea. Can't forget the tea.

These are the adventures of 2 unmarried women in their prime?! I love it.


Sara Desjardins said...

I won $14.58 in the tax game :) At least I didn't lose ;)

BTW - new House next week - just for you!

Unknown said...

I actually NetFiled last night. Found out that I got a discount for QuickTaxWeb from PCFinancial, so it made it a slightly better price than, which is what I usually use. Turns out QuickTaxWeb is slightly better. It has a little module to figure out how your return would change if you added more RRSP money.

Pretty cool.

It seems I had enough RRSP$. Anything I added didn't get me a return high enough to justify putting away the money.

In the end, I am the grand supreme champion of Taxes: $1700!

Unknown said...

Also, yay House!

Raye said...

taxes and RRSPs ... this independent gal isn't even thinking about those at the moment.

Unknown said...

OK, so all that means is that you have less nerdy things to worry about.

Me? My big weekend plan involves scraping the mould off my tub and re-caulking it.

Good times.

Unknown said...

And in case you weren't sure how sexy a job it is to re-caulk your tub: