Saturday, February 24, 2007

I've rented a car this weekend.

Now, I don't LIKE driving. Hence, not having a car and living in a more expensive area so that it's convenient for me not to drive regularly.

But sometimes it's nice to have some wheels at my disposal. To allow me to go wherever I want, quite easily. Less planning, more flexibility.

So I can come home to see my parents, go skiing with my mom, drive to Bramalea to Anita's house warming party, do all the errands I've been putting off because I couldn't figure out how to cram them into my schedule or how to get item A to location B efficiently.

So I have my pretty car (upgraded for free just means a bigger car that requires more gas - boo!) and I'm sitting at my parents' house, typing away on their computer, drinking homemade London Fogs while my mom makes me french toast for breakfast.

And I didn't have to get anyone to pick me up or figure out the Go Train schedule.


All for $50 plus gas. Not bad.
Here's to rentals!

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