Thursday, February 08, 2007


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Tonight's the last night of Winterlicious, so we decided to head out to another restaurant, this time trying something near our house. So we chose Myth.

Big disappointment.

I thought: how can you screw up salad?
They did it.

Drenched in olive oil (and only that, judging by the taste) and with exactly 3 praline hazlenuts, which otherwise might have added some sort of flavour to the salad, it was ultra bland.

But I ate it. I was hungry.

Alex had the lentil soup with lemongrass. I tried it. It was better than the salad, but it lacked something. Maybe like any salt at all. And there was none on the table. Nor was pepper offered.

My main course was red snapper, which was very good, but not special. The mixed veggies were pretty good. The roasted potatoes a little too lemony, but at least they had flavour, so I'm not really complaining. The rice was fine.

Alex had pork tenderloin. It was cooked properly, but had very little flavour. Interesting choice: they dressed our plates with olive oil. Weird for a pork tenderloin. I think it's the only thing they have in the kitchen. I would have chosen something fruity instead, but it didn't spoil anything. It was just bland.

Dessert. First, the waiter couldn't remember our orders (for anything). He asked 3 times. Then he complained about the kitchen. I think he said he was ready to kill them, adding, "Seriously."

At least he brought the creme brulee. Now, I don't know about you, but I expect creme brulee to actually have some brulee to it. Part of the fun is cracking the hardened sugar ceiling before diving into the creamy goodness beneath. This "brulee" was barely a browned sprinkling of sugar. Tasty pudding, but not a brulee.

Oh well. I devoured every smudge of it.

I guess I won't be going back there. I really felt and tasted the difference between this meal and my fantastic meal at the Boulevard Cafe. Myth really cheaped out on this and it shows.

I mean, there was a guy there seating guests who was wearing jeans, running shoes and a sweatshirt.

The bill had the tip already added to the total. Enforced gratuity? Come on - this is no longer a gratuity. This is a tax. They must have known that they had to add it or they'd never get anything for the complete lack of service.

I can't believe I paid $25 for that meal. They are totally taking advantage of the Winterlicious marketing campaign.

Well, at least I know for next time. And I hope I've scared you away too.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you ate out more often. The best thing about your blog is the restaurant reviews.