Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ya, I don't think I got up to go for lunch today. I probably should at least go for a walk, even though I bring my lunch and eat it at my desk.

My mom is picking me up from "work" today. She's bringing me a bunch of things that I forgot at home. Like a warm coat. I always feel a bit like a child when I need my mommy to come bring me things.

Last night, I helped Tree make lasagne for our DINE (Divas In New Eateries) meeting tonight (who are we kidding? it's just a dinner party).

Then Alex came over and took me out for a hot apple cider at the Second Cup. Sigh. I've missed the Second Cup. Although I probably should have tried one of the new maple concoctions instead of the cider. I mean, it's not even mulled anymore!

But it was nice to talk to Alex, even though I was pretty tired.

I've been having some trouble sleeping. Clearly, I need to drink more.

And then Jan emails me that he's taking off on a 4-day sailing trip in the Whitsundays aboard the Pegasus. I'm so jealous! Of course, I must look on the bright side... I mean, ya, I'm back in Toronto and he's there sailing in the islands, snorkelling and diving. BUT, he has no money and I... um, have no money. Crap.

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