Monday, April 26, 2004

I just got a very interesting email from a friend living oceans away. It was an answer to the perplexing "where do I see myself in five years" question that I don't seem able to answer clearly. In the end, it doesn't really matter how I answer it. I don't have to get upset that I can't form a complete picture of what five years from now looks like. I just have to figure out what's important to me...

"Is seeing the world and living out your dreams to the max more important than what the boss thinks or what your friends drive or spend on a suit or furniture?... the happiest people from what I found always tend to be the ones who stay focused on what is most important to them..."
Coming home is a bit weird for me due to my perception of what others expect of me. Which is, of course, directly related to what I expect of myself. I have to stay focussed, however.

I do know what I like:
  • people
  • learning
  • organizing
  • communicating
  • feeling that I'm contributing to the world
  • working towards being the best person I can be

    And THAT's what I'll be doing in five years.
    What do you want to be doing?
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