Thursday, April 08, 2004

Sometimes I love Toronto.

I was thinking this last night as I walked near Yonge and Eglinton on my way "home" to Theresa's. I could see my breath in the crisp cold night, hear my heels clicking down the quiet street. I was just returning from a lovely night of amazing food and fantastic theatre, all in the company of a great friend and I was on my way to stay with yet another great friend. It all seemed to slip on like a soft leather glove. The bright lights of the city twinkling through the trees against the dark starry sky... this is my Toronto.

And today, I walked down the street, grabbed myself a mobile phone (cell phone, cell phone, WHEN did I start calling it a mobile?), jumped on the subway to the GoTransit station where I hopped on a train to Burlington. Easy as pie.

Now my brother and I are watching the Leaf's game together (ahem - you see how well I'm watching?). He is reminding me how much I love hockey. Sadly, I found out that Hoglund doesn't play anymore...

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