Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I have created an Ofoto gallery for my Rotorua NZ rafting photos. However, sadly you have to INVITE everyone to the gallery manually. So, if you didn't receive an invite, let me know. I'll put the good photos up on this site soon, anyway. (And by "soon" I mean it could take a year.)

UPDATE: Photos can now be found in my Flickr account. Click here for the rafting photos.

You'll be happy to know that I'm not feeling as horrible as yesterday. NeoCitran does work.

Today I will actually go outside. I will brave the elements and the subway (mmmm, Eglinton subway station has a Cinnabon, I forgot that Cinnabon is one of the best things about Canada until Tree brought one home last night!) and suffer myself to wear several layers of sweaters and meet up with an old colleague in a really great part of town for coffee.

Then I'll look at getting a mobile phone so that people can actually get a hold of me... I know that there are millions of people out there just waiting with baited breath for me to get a phone so that they can offer me a job...

ps: I would like to thank Theresa and Josh for having yummy tea at their house. And I just met the GroceryGateway man, so I now have milk for my vanilla tea.
"Food is a delicious lie that makes us believe that heaven is here on earth."