Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Another day, another $100 for doing very little aside from answering a few phone calls and surfing the Web. Sometimes temp jobs are good...

Unfortunately, the lady that I'm covering for showed up in the office this morning, wondering what I was doing there. I guess she's done grieving. Or not, cause she went back home again. So she may or may not be back next week. If I were her, I'd just let me fill in for her for another week.

All in all, it would be a good day except that it's raining and the rain is COLD. And it's been raining since last night, when I walked all the way from work (at Union Station) to Sarah's house (in Little Italy).

Sarah's so good. She made a yummy dinner - I helped - and we had nice red wine and watched a really funny British show that she had on DVD ("Coupling"). We talked about life and work and friends and the past year. And she didn't even tell me to shut up!

She has even prettier hair than I remember and looks really fit after running her big race. I'm feeling quite unfit and really need to do something active! I'm trying to get a bunch of people together to do the Ride n Stride with me later this month. Getting out in the non-rainy fresh air should be good for me. Sadly, I've hurt my hamstring and I probably can't run or do yoga until it's healed, but maybe I'll be OK to roller blade.

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