Friday, April 23, 2004

So I just checked my referrers. I get people coming to my site due to links on Sarah and Sharon's sites and even one from Vulgaria, which is nice.

What I'm sad about is that this photo is by FAR the most popular thing on my site.

Well, if I can't be famous, at least my cleavage can be. However, I hope people are putting it into context and looking at the blog entry that links to that photo...

Also, I was inspired today (by Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic Takes Manhattan) and sat in the warm early spring sunshine on the back porch and wrote pages and pages... and pages... of stuff. I would like to put it up in my journal except:
a) it's not done yet
b) my journal is so behind that I fear to start up 2004
c) I feel there are so many other things I should be doing instead (getting a job, doing my Cdn/Aus taxes, exercising, redesigning my site, writing my novel...)
d) I'm lazy??

Or perhaps I'm feeling shy and worry it's not good enough? I've had a little bit of criticism lately that makes me feel a bit less open with what I write. Perhaps I should be a little less personal? It's a bit of a worry when I realize that potential employers could come to my website and learn everything about me that they never wanted to know.

It's tough to stay real when you consider having that kind of audience.

Apparently, the cat that I'm taking care of while house-sitting here has no such qualms. He seems to be trying to have an intimate relationship with my roller blade box and sandals (sitting on top). I suspect they might smell of Mao. I believe the cat is a little lonely. She keeps following me around like a lost puppy, getting under my feet as I try to go up and down the stairs, getting excited as I move from room to room and rubbing her bum up against my leg whenever possible. Poor thing. (I'm referring to me.)

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