Wednesday, April 28, 2004

So yesterday I read about a drug that's recently been discovered to help control Restless Leg Syndrome. And I got all excited, because my mom suffers from this affliction.

So I started looking around the Web for information so I could send the article to my mom.

And I discovered that it was actually quite difficult to find this article. The company who makes the drug, Eli Lilly, doesn't even have it on their site! And I got a little embarrassed because I actually help make that site! Nor does Amarin/Valeant, the company who's marketing the drug, have this information on their site! I can't believe it!

But I also realized that this information isn't really front-page-newsworthy. It's not really NEWS that those with Restless Leg Syndrome can used the drugs used by Parkinson's disease sufferers. It's just new that they've recently proved the alternate usage of Peroglide. Big deal. And now I got all excited for nothing.

I had hoped that they had solved my mom's problem.
Now THAT would be news!

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