Monday, June 25, 2007

ballet shoes

ballet shoes line
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Sarah and I went to the ballet on Sunday. Balachine's Don Quixote and we left after the second act, if that says anything.

The first act was OK, just setting up the story. The second act was... ugh. Sarah and both probably slept. I sort of felt bad, but then when we woke up at intermission she suggested leaving and I was like, "Right on!" and there we went.

She made me veggies and dip at her house and we chatted until I had to leave to go back home to meet the window measurer guy.

And I was inspired by Sarah to make myself something healthy for dinner: asparagus goat cheese fritatta with herbs. It was pretty good, but I'll be honest: I can never make things taste as good as Sarah.

I also got to see Sharon's new condo on Sunday. It is LOVELY. Makes me a little sad when I see cute brand new places like that downtown, as I can't help but think of all the downfalls of the place that I do have.

Sarah and I talked about it, though: you always compromise on something. You're never completely happy with your first home (nor maybe any home after that). You're always looking to change, improve...

I would like to be closer to downtown. Or at least closer to a bookstore and movie theatre. I would prefer not to be on the corner of a busyish street. And I would love a big spa-like bathroom where I could soak in the tub for hours. With a basement that cleans and organizes itself.

But I have many things to be happy about.

And I realized today, as I lay on the massage table after work, the masseur commenting on my messed up neck, shoulders and traps, that it's really not worth stressing myself about the stuff that I don't like.

Yes, I should try to change it and make it better. Like the master bedroom that I just finished painting. I felt such accomplishment last night when I finished. And then, to have Alex say that he liked it SO much better? Well, it was just icing on the cake!

But I'm trying to take more time to just love my house. Trying not to dwell on all the to-do's. And just do what I can do when I can do it.

Someday -- SOMEDAY -- I will achieve contentedness.

For now, I will go to bed and enjoy my lovely new luxury bedding.

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