Monday, June 04, 2007

Putting the "ass" back in "class"

Last Friday, I bought these sexy new K2 inline skates. They're pretty hot, alright. And I got a great deal on them, since I had a COUPON (gift card, same thing) and they were on SALE!

I left them at work and biked home. This morning, I took public transit to work (it was raining afterall) and realized that since it had stopped raining, I could actually skate home. In my skirt. With no protective gear. Whatever, it's fine.

So I did.

I think I forgot to preface that with the fact that I actually haven't been inline skating since last year. And then I think I think I went once or twice all year. And probably the same the year before as well.

So, OK, I'm not great. I'm fine until I have to stop, really. OR jump over things. OR something unexpected happens.

And i forgot that those kinds of things happen all the time in Toronto. So I took back streets so that I could stop dodging people on Yonge Street. And I was pretty close to home. Crossed the street at the light, up on the sidewalk on the other side and... slip slip slip, whoa, slam!

I'm down.
I'm on my butt.

Right on a busy street corner. And a guy on a bike was nice enough to ask me if I was OK. I was fine, aside from feeling like a loser. And my wrist hurt a little from breaking my fall. And actually, my shoulder too.

I mumbled some nonsense about the sidewalk being more uphill than I thought (I don't even know what made me fall to be honest) and thanked him for his concern before I shuffled off awkwardly. And realized that my head actually hurt a little too. Whiplash or something.

I totally put the "ass" back in "class".

Next time, I'm sticking to blading paths and parks with wide open avenues and no hills.

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