Friday, June 08, 2007

Simulcast Lost

ballet shoes line
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Sad story last night.

Well, first a happy story: I met Sarah for dinner at Salad King (favourite Thai restaurant of all time).

Then we walked down to the Elgin to see a simulcast of the National Ballet of Canada's Wolf’s Court, Polyphonia, and The Four Seasons.

As we sat in our perfect seats and the anticipation set in - yes, I was excited to see the ballet (and for free!) - Luminato's CEO steps up to the microphone and announces that, due to technical problems, there would be no simulcast.

Rex Harrington still spoke a little about the ballet and his movie The Four Seasons. And we still saw two ballet films: one on the National Ballet of Canada and the Rex Harrington Four Seasons film (complete with some serious cheese, but beautiful music).

And no simulcast.

However, to end on a positive note, all those in the audience can exchange these free tickets for tickets to an ACTUAL performance of Don Quixote. Not the performance I was looking for, but it'll do!

And perhaps tonight I'll take in some more Luminato events to satiate my appetite for free art, performance and creativity.


Unknown said...

Ok, so now it's raining (pouring actually) and trekking around the city by myself on my bike is not sounding like the most attractive option.

Meaning, I'm leaving work late. AGAIN.

And going home to watch movies.

Anonymous said...

i was so excited to see the ballet. i let loose my inner ballet geek and god was it good. part of me will always be that 10 year old girl that thinks she will become a ballet dancer. part of me is glad that was never an option.

Unknown said...

The ballet is so graceful - it is such art.

You would have been a cute little ballet girl. I tried ballet for a year (or did I make it that long?) and got bored. Or maybe I just didn't like practicing.

However, although the exercise and discipline might have been good for me, I'm sort of glad it never went too far as I have been told about the lengths the girls will go to in order to remain thin.

Like eating tissues.
Mmm. Kleenex.