Saturday, June 09, 2007

So it turns out...

buckwheat zydeco at Harbourfront, TorontoTurns out the rain stopped last night.

So I thought, what the hell? Let's see what's happening. Got my bike out and wheeled down to Harbourfront. Got me a London Fog at the nearby Starbucks, of course. And walked around. Quiet on the inside amidst the riotous goings-on.

Soon, on the main stage, Buckwheat Zydeco, whom I'd never heard of before, comes out with his band. And they are GOOD. They are FUN. Buckwheat is like a cross between a Louisiana James Brown and a TV preacher.

And they LOVE him.

The audience was a dancin' and a singin'. Even the ones who couldn't. Seriously. It hurt me to look at one guy... what beat was he listening to? But he was having his fun all the same and that made me smile. So did the overweight woman who was just groovin' and howlin'. And the young woman and older man who were swing dancing over to the side of the stage.

I got into it. It was hard not to move. Three guitars, Buckwheat slammin' it out on the accordion and a guy playing the washboard? Seriously, that's some hardcore creole party music. Toe tappin', shoulder shakin', head boppin' fun.

dirty dozen brass bandI stayed a little later to check out Dirty Dozen Brass Band, which was also great. But I was getting cold. It was time to go.

So I rode slowly back home through the streets just packed with people heading out to the clubs and still piling into Harbourfront. I got home just in time to check out The DaVinci Code on TV. Free Movie Network, gotta love it. And I quite liked the movie, although I'm glad I saw it for free, to be honest.

Alex was out at NXNE as he is again today. He's playing tonight at Savannah (go to and click on The Free Press to see the excitement) and you should definitely go.

Seriously, what are you doing sitting in front of your computer reading this? There is so much going on -- get out and enjoy it!

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