Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Green Toronto Festival

What are you doing for lunch today? If you can, drop by Nathan Phillips Square for the Green Toronto Festival.

I'll be taking a walk down on my lunch. It's such a beautiful day, it deserves to be enjoyed.

I'll try to forget about the fact that our newly installed air conditioner is uneven in its cooling and that we could probably get by with a fan (yes, the ceiling fan is still sitting on the floor of the master bedroom) if it weren't for heat-factory-Alex who always dies in any heat. The unit is high efficiency, but nothing is as efficient as natural cooling processes and certainly it's losing efficiency points if no one remembers to turn down the air con when they leave the house.

I'm actually quite hoping that Dutch Bike Toronto will be there, showing off its wares. I'm in the market for a new (used) bike, but these Dutch bikes, you'll notice, have a completely enclosed chain! And the lovely storage! I would be in heaven!

But I'm sure they're expensive. Not as expensive as having a car, mind you, so maybe that's a consolation.

I got the word on the Dutch Bikes from my AutoShare newsletter. AutoShare can be really good, but honestly, I've been getting such great deals on car rentals for the odd weekend, that I've found I don't really need AutoShare that much. When you can get a vehicle for about $50 for an entire weekend, then AutoShare's rates no longer seem that reasonable... Of course it helps that I have a credit card with car insurance for my rental and AutoShare's prices DO include insurance as well as gas.

Alex asked me if I will always want to live close to work, as I do now. I said, "I can't answer about 'forever' but I can say that, in the near future, I really do enjoy living close enough to bike to work and not having a car."

He seemed disappointed. Could have something to do with the fact that:

a) he doesn't have a bike, nor am I sure that he will ride the one that I'm trying to get him for his bday (which was in May)

b) he's trying to buy a vehicle. A mini-van, no less. For band trips, etc. But owned and for personal use by him. Yikes.

c) he works all over the place. Right now he's working on the MuchMusic Video Awards, but often it's out in Markham. Or he has to go pick up equipment in Guelph.

d) he grew up in the suburbs.

Hey, I'm not despairing. I do have some influence on him. He hasn't had a car for some years now. We own a house, proudly, on the subway line. He tells other people about the money we are saving on cars, which leaves a lot more money to spend on a house in Toronto.

I just have to keep this personal green crusade of mine sane but top of mind.

Some day, I know, my needs will change. I may decide that living with Go Transit distance to my work is what I want or need. For now though, I'm happy where I am.

See you at Nathan Phillips Square!

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