Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm a machine

So I finally got my butt in gear last night.

Dinner with Alex at HoSu. Love the HoSu.
Bike ride back home.
Check the roof - voila! The roof/attic venting is in!
Ride over to the contractor, drop off money for venting.
Ride home.
Water garden.
Oil bike and bike lock (grease is magik - I am so fast now).
Paint master bedroom wall. First coat.
Do load of laundry.

Seriously, how happy do I get when I'm productive?

Today I'm trying to order windows. On my bike ride back home from dropping off the money (yay, item ticked off my list!) I saw a bunch of houses that are the exact same building style as mine. The ones I liked had 2 things in common, generally:
  • painted brick in front
  • new cute windows

    So, it's decided: get windows now!
    (We already had the quotes, it was just a matter of deciding what to do.)

    I love having decisions made!
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