Thursday, June 21, 2007


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Today, as I was weeding my front garden and laying down the mulch I brought back from my parents' house this weekend, my Greek neighbour, Maria comes over.

She decides to berate me because I'm a shit gardener.

"Why you no plant some flowers? Why you let grass go like that? That plant no good. You have to water them -- they need to DRINK."

And on and on and on.

I tried at first to be friendly. Smiling and telling her about my time constraints and how we're doing indoor renovations too and there's always so much to and I'm trying, but I also don't really know what to do, but I'm also planning on redoing everything...

She wouldn't shut up.
On and on about how crap everything looks and how good she is with all her plants.

And how she cleans up my garbage cans sometimes when I don't bring them back in early enough. (Because I'm home late from work, by the way, and although it has been agreed to be Alex's job, he NEVER does it anymore and will walk over top of the empty cans for several days before lifting a finger.)

So I'm getting mad and almost want to cry.

"I'm TRYING!" I scream.

It wasn't pretty. But she still didn't get it. She wanted to keep going.

I don't get it.
  • I was clearly DOING my gardening when she decided to pick on me
  • My garden isn't THAT bad, just a little thin
  • Her house is an eyesore, but has a lot of crazy plants all over the place.

    She invited me over to her place to look at some plants, which took precious time away from my own gardening which I wanted to get done in my ONLY night at home... but she pulled up some creeper plants and told me to plant them. Only I'm a little unsure how well they're going to grow, given that she just PULLED them up and wrecked their roots.

    But I took them and planted them and watered them.
    And finished weeding and mulching, mostly.

    But she's still not happy and I'm embarrassed. I can't wait to get this landscaping thing done. I'm not the most confident person in the world as it is, I don't need a crazy lady telling me how much I suck.
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    Unknown said...

    poor silly woman is just lonely and wants to be able to talk to me about my garden and can't really speak english.

    she nearly peed herself with pleasure this past weekend as she watched me make my new garden.