Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy weekend

Busy busy busy weekend.

Friday night, a bachelorette party on College Street for a Taste of Little Italy. Drinks at Cafe Diplomatico. More drinks and dancing and drag queen show at El Convento Rico. Funny enough, the best part was when I finally broke down and accepted to dance with one of the guys who asked... It's not that I don't like dancing, I don't like Latin music and I don't like creepy guys. But I figured I had to get the full experience of the place.

He whipped me around the dance floor, twirling and sweeping and finally throwing me in the air! All the while, in true latin form, he told me how lovely and what a great dancer I am. Mm hm. Of course I AM all of those things, but I have a pretty strong suspicion that his compliments were motivated by other than the best intentions.

But it was still nice to hear.

I got home at 3:30am. Ugh.

Next morning, I was awoken at 9am by a loud noise. I ran downstairs in a panic, certain that there was a robber. It was, of course, Alex, who scared me out of my skin. There was no returning to sleep after that.

I got ready for Anita's wedding instead. Now, at least, I had time to do a french manicure and even paint my toenails. I picked up Anita's friend downtown and was off to Grimsby for the church service. Even though I left according to her instructions, leaving lots of time for traffic, we were late. So I missed seeing her come down the aisle, sadly. But the rest of the service was great.

In between the service and the reception, we went to IKEA and I bought a patio table on sale! Just in time for upcoming party! I didn't get the chairs as they were sold out already, but I'll get those later.

Then off to the reception where I ate way too much and danced way too little. And left to drive to my parents' (near Barrie) at midnight. I fought to stay awake and barely made it.

Sunday, Father's Day, we lazed around my parents' farm and talked and ate strawberry sandwiches. Love the strawberry sandwiches.

I got some mulch for my garden and some asparagus and rhubarb. And we went out for Chinese dinner and a nice walk to look at the town's cute gardens and then off home again.

The traffic wasn't as annoying as it could have been for a Sunday. I got home in time to drop into bed and get up to bring the rental car back. And now I'm back to meetings and emails, living for next weekend...

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Sera said...

I missed you at the Taste of Little Italy - I was touring my house guest around on Friday night and we went down the street for for a visit to the Big Chill.