Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My gardening weekend

What did you do this past long weekend?

Drink some beer out on the patio? Maybe hang out at the cottage?

Me? I made my family come to my house to work.

My dad fixed my fence. Kendra, my mom and I cleaned up my yard, plucking all the weeds, raking, and cleaning crap (literally) out of my dysfunctional "water feature".

And then we:
- marked out a new garden shape
- cut up the grass
- turned over the grass
- bought plants and soil
- spread soil
- planted plants in my new garden
- moved other plants
- planted my containers
- planted over my old "water feature"
- spread mulch
- watered the garden.

Big job. For sure. Thank goodness for family.

There were no shortage of jobs to do.

And Alex? He decided to start taking the stucco off the house. Why, you ask? Um, well. He thought it would be easy. And the stucco wasn't doing so well. But he just started doing it. And once you start, you can't stop. I mean, LOOK at it.

And look at how happy he looks. I don't know why he had to do it. He has three other unfinished jobs around the house. And he wanted another. Sigh. Poor guy. Crappy job for sure.

But we did get a LOT accomplished this weekend. I painted fences, I velcro'd up my clematis and vines and cleaned and weeded and tried to finish up the master bedroom paint job.

And I'm paying for it with a VERY sore back. But I'm very happy with my garden. YAY pretty garden!

Click on the photo for other before and after garden photos on Flickr.

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