Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Had a good weekend.

It all started on Friday. I got home from work and started clearing up the renovation refuse outside my door. Then I met Sara and hung out at Starbucks (you KNOW what I was drinking, although I did THINK about having something different. Couldn't do it) for hours, just talking, catching up.

When Starbucks closed at 10pm, we wandered over to Summer's ice cream shop in Yorkville. It was open of course and there were tonnes of people sitting outside on the steps and benches, licking ice cream cones and listening to the street musician.

I discovered a new favourite flavour: mocha ice cream with chocolate fudge bits and pecans. Yum! Although I have to say that I think I like Gregg's ice cream better (on Bloor near Spadina station). Their flavours are more simple, but very very flavourful.

Anyway, we sat outside and chatted more. Until finally it was time to go and I rode my bike home. I love riding my bike when it's cool and quiet and I'm not trying to go fast. Very relaxing.

Saturday, I went downtown to get my bike fixed (turns out it's not yet broken enough to need fixing, so I can hopefully wait until my bday and just get a new used one that actually fits me). Then I met up with Sarah at the art show in Nathan Phillips Square. Of course, I wanted some Starbucks first (sigh, I'm an addict, I know). And then we walked around, looking at all the interesting stuff.

I'm amazed by artists. I really wish I had such an amazing talent that I could share. But I really couldn't rationalize spending $2000 on some art when I could spend that on a new deck AND finishing my landscaping. And just spend $20 on a cute print at IKEA. Because I can't really say that I truly appreciate the difference. If I did, and if I knew art and had the money, I would love to support the artists.

I did love the jewelry, though, and the one stained glass art. But the price made it too frivolous, considering my upcoming renovation costs.

We ate Japanese food at a place on Dundas that I've never been to and it was super yummy and not super expensive.

We checked out the green street festival on Yonge St. between Queen and Dundas. It was pretty underwhelming. I actually thought the green festival at Nathan Phillips Square a couple of weeks ago was better, although much the same (minus the weird random jewelry vendors).

Then it was back to my house to meet Matt and Kendra. We went to dinner at Lolita's Lust, taking advantage of the Summerlicious menu. It was VERY yummy. I had a nice salad, followed by salmon on exquisite mashed potatoes, followed by tangy lemon tart. Mm!

We followed our gut-busting dinner with a leisurely walk around the neighbourhood, looking nosily into other people's gardens, staring and pointing at their houses and criticizing or applauding their choices. I got some good ideas for sure.

Back home, we tried to wait for the food to dissipate so we could go to Dairy Queen, but we were all tired before the space opened up.

Sunday, I made breakfast for everyone and they took off for a wedding shower nearby. I went to an open house down the street and then to Starbucks where I drank the usual and caught up on my diary-writing. I wrote so much, in fact, that my pen ran out of ink. Boo!

When I got home, Alex was watching more of the Live Earth concert on TV. I watched until he left for the evening and then I got to work on finishing up the final coat of paint in the master bedroom.

And finally, bedtime.

I feel really good about getting in some time with my friends and family and with myself and my writing. I also feel good about finishing the painting. And about the clean-up. (Although I discovered this morning that the garbage men wouldn't take the second garbage can. Wonder why.)

And last night, Monday, I made dinner for Alex and myself, cleaned up while he tried to finish a house project and then we went for a walk in a different part of the neighbourhood.

Those walks are so important. Otherwise, we would never talk about the things that we need to talk about.

Tonight, I'm meeting Sara to go see her boyfriend's play at Soulpepper. Of course, I will stop at Balzac's Coffee in the Distillery to indulge first. At least I can find joys in the little things.

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