Monday, July 16, 2007

Culture in TO

The Free Press
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Last week, I got to go to the opening of the Soulpepper Theatre show, "The Time of Your Life." I'm lucky that one of the actor's girlfriends likes me!

It was an interesting show. Although, not my favourite -- I enjoyed Our Town more. But I did quite enjoy the music of Denzal Sinclaire very much.

Saturday, I saw The Free Press (pictured here) at the Rivoli. They had a fantastic show. And I got to hang out for a while and get some errands done at IKEA after working on the house all day.

Today, I'm planning a trip to Dream in High Park close to my birthday. I love going. I love theatre. I love the outdoors. And I love friends. Put them all together and it equals a fun bday outing.

Soon, so soon, I will be past my core renovating work and my major unenjoyable project at work and able to enjoy the summer more. I'm thinking of also going to the DimSum festival at Harbourfront and to see another outdoor Shakespeare company.

I can't wait until summer becomes fun!

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