Thursday, July 05, 2007

I Keep Dropping Sh*t

I keep dropping sh*t, fringe festival
Saw the Fringe Festival show "I Keep Dropping Sh*t" last night at MaRS.

It was awesome.
Totally funny. Awkward and clever and innovative and quick.

I interviewed the creator, which you can read on the MaRS Blog, but it really didn't prepare me for the type of show.

It made science fun. I loved the stream of consciousness format.

My favourite part was USST: uninterrupted silent supervised thinking. (Which came out of a thought about USSR, or uninterrupted silent supervised reading in grade school, which they also talked about.) While sitting there in the silence, thinking, I wondered if innovative processes actually lead to innovation or at least innovative thinking. And I think I should have written that down on the white board, but I wasn't entirely sure that we were really supposed to participate. Take it from me: you ARE and you SHOULD.

I loved the thought: it's hard to think when people know you're trying to think.

The song I quite loved: The Inertia Song.
"It's hard to start. It's hard to stop."

Made me think about all the possible implications of those words.

You should definitely go.

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