Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You know, probably the best thing you can do when you're about to put all of your money down on a house is to spend more on a vacation.

So following this ultra-logical line of thinking, I decided to book my ticket for my next vacation.

I figure that locating myself in Halifax during the move is actually a good way to get out of packing. I finally figured out how to make sure that someone else does it!

So, May Two-Four weekend (and the whole week beforehand), I'll be in Halifax visiting Raye.

OK, I confess, I didn't actually do it to get out of moving. I really did it because there was a ginormous seat sale and that was the best weekend for Raye and I figured that, if I didn't have a house already, then I probably wouldn't be moving that week.

Well, I guess I've just guaranteed we won't be moving that week now.

And if Halifax has bad weather that week? I'll just spend a lot of time eating buttery popcorn and horrible amounts of sweets and ice cream in front of her TV.

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