Thursday, March 16, 2006

Last night, Sarah, Sharon and I got together. I had roti for the first time while we watched an interesting movie at Sarah's house.

The Constant Gardener was really good. Although anyone with hearing problems should TURN IT UP. There are some seriously low-talkers in this one. Good thing, too, as there's a bit of intrigue going on here. But seriously, I have enough trouble with British accents without dealing with whispers.

Anyway, it was one of those movies I've been meaning to see for a long time. It's been talked about quite a bit in this awards season. But you know, it was nothing like what I thought it was going to be.

It's about the Evil Big Pharma and it made me SO glad that I am no longer doing their dirty work - convincing people that they're sick and need drugs. It was quite soul-destroying, to be honest.

It makes me so sad when I hear about what the big pharmas will do to make some bucks. I mean, I know about it first hand - they certainly had a lot to spend on "not marketing" to consumers (it is against the law in Canada to advertise prescription drugs to consumers). They are tricky and pushy and will do anything to increase the number of scripts docs write.

And in this movie, they even go so far as to fix their drug trials and expending the expendable. Now, this movie is a work of fiction, but we don't know that it's not happening. I hope that it's not because it hurts my heart that real people - even politicians and pharma execs are born, have a family and love them - could orchestrate such abominations; could have such little regard for human beings.

But there was one poignant thought that jumped out of the movie for me: no, you can't help EVERYONE, but you can help the person in front of you right now.

I am often paralyzed by how bad things can be for so many people. I feel overwhelmed by sadness and an inability to do anything about it. All my possible actions seems so futile.

But you can help that one person that needs you right now because you CAN. That one person is as important as the one person that you are.


Anonymous said...

once upon a time my best friend would have been dead but for big pharma (Eli Lilly) that marketed Dr. Banting's big discovery of insulin.
Big paharma also had a huge role in helping develop the steroids that saved one child & the antibiotics that saved another
While any business, from brokers of snake oil to those who steal the oil from third world peoples, can be bad & hurtful , there is good that can still come from them in the end

Unknown said...

I understand that they do save people. I mean, I really do love my migraine medication (GSK's Amerge).

But I know what Pharma spends their research money on: it's not on cures. They're not really trying to figure out what causes migraines. They're trying to figure out how to get rid of the side effects.

And it's sad. I know that's why we give money to associations who fund the "good" research, but I just wish that business didn't have to be that way.

Why can't we just want to help mankind?