Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tonight I put my first offer on a house. And tonight I lost my first house.

It's a little disappointing, I guess, but I suppose that I suspected we wouldn't get it. It was VERY cute and the location was OK. It seemed within our price range. I couldn't believe our luck.

Of course, no on in Toronto is lucky like that.

We bid much more than the asking price. And it will likely go over that amount. We'll know more in the next day or two. But we do know that we didn't get it.

So, no house.
But, on the upside, I still loved coming home to my apartment tonight.


Raye said...

sorry to hear about the house ... i guess it's just part of the process. fingers are crossed for your next offer!

Anonymous said...

someday the perfect place will be yours because you MADE it perfect.