Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There's this one horoscope site that always seems to say eerily appropriate things. I don't usually read my horoscope, but a friend of mine has been sending it to me and it seems to fit something that is actually happening in my life.

This week's is about how to defeat a dragon. I feel that I've been alternating my tactics, trying to find out what works: brute force, stealthfully avoiding it, finding some sort of protection.

I'm discovering that my happiness is best served by pacifying the dragon with my beguiling ways.

What dragon do you have to tame?

I usually read horoscopes and laugh. It seems ridiculous that some people live their lives by the slop that some hippie pens in the 10 minutes between them and deadline. But this one makes me think.

Does your horoscope offer insight to your life?


Raye said...

for the entire month of february, my horoscope in the local entertainement paper was SO spot-on it was frightening!

Raye said...

and as it happens ... they are written by the guy that does the site you just mentioned!!!! oooooooh - the coincidence is freaky!

Master Ravana said...

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