Saturday, March 11, 2006

Today, Jaap and I rolled out of our beds, hung over after my friend Brian's 30th birthday party last night. Good party. And not TOO hung over.

I made some bacon and eggs for breakfast and some coffee (decaf, of course) and we sat leisurely sipping and chatting the morning away.

We finally got off our butts and made our way over to Etienne Brule park, over near the Old Mill. Jaap had been there earlier in the week and thought I'd like to see it.

It was a gorgeous day - unseasonably warm and sunny - and I had always meant to go to the Old Mill. It looked so pretty from the subway. So, now I've done it! And it was great. What a beautiful spot! We walked along the Humber River until I had to go to the bathroom, then wandered down to Dundas West Station.

We had a craving for Burger King, which we satiated at College and Spadina. Oh the whoppers never tasted so good! Then we headed to St. Clair and Bathurst to go second-hand shopping. I was very close to buying about three purses. But I reasoned with myself that I really didn't NEED them even though they were cheap and cute.

We grocery shopped and headed home. Exhausted.
Jaap put his feet up while I made bread, washed the dishes and swept the floor.

And even though I wanted a nap at about noon already, here I am at midnight, just brushing my teeth.

I wish weekends would last forever.

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