Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is it already three days that I've been home from my vacation?

Sigh. Yes.

The first day back was very difficult. I had a really good time and was sad to come home. I just wanted to keep skiing. I was really getting into it. Improving. Hitting vips and vaps (mini-jumps) and even tackling the moguls (not well, mind you, but everyone has to learn).

Thankfully, I finally got to see my boyfriend. But I was so cranky about being home that it wasn't as nice as it probably could have been. Still, it was nice to talk again.

I was trying to wait until I had some photos to upload to my blog before posting, but obviously that is going to take a long time since I didn't take any with my camera. Everyone else in my family hogged all the photo opportunities.

On the upside, I think I was IN most of the photos. Stay tuned for them, anyway. They'll be up in the next month... or two...

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