Sunday, March 19, 2006

Hot two-bite brownies and ice cream: my nemesis.

After a long day of viewing real estate, it was calling to me. I tried to eat something else. It didn't work. It just made me eat something else FIRST and then eat the brownies and ice cream.

And my mouth knows there's more.

So I must distract myself.

I have much to occupy me: first-time home-buying sucks. I think at this point, Alex and I have decided to go for a house.

We've had enough of small expensive condos. $289,000 doesn't buy much in Toronto. Not, at least, within walking distance of the subway.

Now we've turned our sites to small semis in the Danforth area. We went to a bunch of open-houses today.

It's a little easier with houses: they're either really crappy or they're OK. Now, whether you can afford them or not is another story. You have to figure out what you'd need to reno and how much that would cost and whether it would all be worth it.

But at least it's not all the same dissatisfying crap over and over again.

Now it's DIFFERENT dissatisfying crap ;)

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Anonymous said...

weird, i was thinking yesterday that you should buy a house. buy a house cathy. make me jealous. :P