Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Until now, I have thought that Balzac's Coffee was the best in Toronto. I was all excited when I found out that Clafouti also served Balzac's because it was more accessible, being a few blocks from Alex's place.

OK, I also like Wagamama's coffee. I'd have put that in the #2 spot.

But bump that to #3 now because today I found it: the best.
The Coffee Roastery.

It's in Liberty Village and I was early for a meeting in that area and coincidentally hadn't had breakfast yet. OK, not so coincidentally. When I knew I was going to the area for a morning meeting, I actually went early so that I could go for a coffee.

Alex had tried to take me there before, but it's closed on the weekends. Boo! So this was my chance.

It did NOT disappoint! Rich and strong, my decaf latte didn't even taste like decaf. It had a very full flavour.

And the muffin I had was good too, but not as good as if I'd gone to Clafouti for one of their mouth watering croissants.

The Distillery's Balzac's location has the best style by far, but the Roastery is hip. Dogs hang out next to their owner's chair. I think the dog is a "regular" since everyone seems to stop and give him a pat even though he looks scary.

There's a guy on his laptop with his ear piece and microphone in place, making me feel decidedly low-tech with my pen and notebook.

The art on the wall was cool. The tech-biz-babble at the next table was hot. It kind of felt like the 90s bubble never burst. I didn't want to leave.

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