Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Well the weather in Perth is back to normal. It's 27 degrees and sunny today.

I've been allowed back into my email account again, so I'm TRYING to get through all my emails and respond if I can. But I only have so much time and patience to spend in an un-airconditioned web cafe. Also, Jan (pronounced "yahn" - from the RedEarth tour) is getting bored and will want to leave soon.

Was surprised that my mom was so worried about me. No contact with me for 8 days, though... I suppose that would be a worry, especially with the cyclone/flooding warnings and the fact that I'd been so sick. Bless her for loving me that much. I'm sorry I worried her, though.

Now I'm in Perth for a week or so.
Jaap will be arriving in Perth on Friday, so I'll be meeting him and then taking off shortly afterwards for the southwest coast of Western Australia.

Tonight, I'm off to a BBQ with one of the girls from the RedEarth tour I just finished. Should be fun.

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