Wednesday, March 31, 2004

So I met up with Emilie yesterday. It was really nice. We talked for hours about Australia and life and I was really happy to meet her before she left. I'm really jealous that she's about to leave for Australia for 2 years and I'm... well, here.

Don't get me wrong: Canada is beautiful and I love my family and I'm even having a nice time being home. But it's not like being there.

I woke up early again this morning, made myself a pot of Earl Grey tea and read my National Geographic Traveler magazine. I got so excited about some of the stories that I read in there. I just wanted to get up and go again. But I have no money and I really do want to see my friends and have a bit of an exciting life here for a while. So, I have to ignore that feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me how little time I have to do all the trips I wanna do...

Last night Will and I visited my cousin, his partner and their baby here in Ottawa. The baby, Balin, is SO big now! Last time I saw him, though, he was just born! Just goes to show how much can happen in a year.

He's such a cute kid! So active and happy! He's only 1 and 1/2 years old and he's already figured out what a digital camera is. He got so excited when I took mine out. He started posing and reaching for it so he could see the photo I'd taken. Kids amaze me; they are such complete miracles.

Today I'm taking the bus back to Toronto at 2:30pm so that my mom can pick me up and take me home again. I'm planning to visit another old friend of mine who had a baby while I was gone. Can't wait! I get a little teensy bit jealous of all these people with cute babies...

Maybe I can convince Will and Lisa to have a baby soon. Well, I'm on my way now to meet Lisa in the city so that we can go to the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Maybe I can just drop that hint into the conversation...

ie: "So, Lisa, how 'bout popping out some puppies?" No?

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